Training Timeline


From Zero Experience to Airline Transport Pilot in less than Two Years

With Pray Aviation’s accelerated pilot training, you will complete the Commercial Pilot Package in less than 5 months and can become an airline pilot in less than two years.


Begin Program with Zero Experience

1 month

Private Pilot

The first step towards becoming an airline pilot is to become a private pilot

Month 2-4


Gain experience flying with a fellow student on cross country flights.

3 months

Instrument Rating

Add an instrument rating which will allow you to fly in weather conditions

4 months

Commercial Pilot

After completing the timebuilding phase, earn your single-engine Commercial Pilot certification.

4.5 months

Multi-engine Add-on

Add multi-engine class rating to your Commercial Pilot, allowing you to operate larger and faster aircraft.

5 months

Certified Flying Instructor Rating

Become a flight instructor, the most efficient way to gain flying experience to meet airline requirements.

Interview for CFI position

Sign on with us as a CFI and receive a salary as well as sponsored training.

CFI Instrument and Multi-engine Add-ons

Received sponsored training to upgrade your instructor ratings

1500 hrs

Airline Transport Pilot

Earn your Airline Transport Pilot certificate. Begin your path with one of  Pray Aviation’s airline partners


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