About Pray Aviation

We are a flying school based out of Augusta, Kansas providing ENHANCED, ACCELERATED and AFFORDABLE flight training to produce WORLD CLASS pilots. Learn more about us.

Our Flight Training


Our specialized Part 61 training syllabus for all certifications trims away unnecessary training time while ensuring quality and safety standards are constantly met.


Fastest tracks in the industry. Our less than 1:3 instructor to student ratio and large fleet enables us to conduct accelerated training. We fly Monday thru Sundays, day and night.


With in-house facilities, maintenance and accommodations, we can proudly boast that our course prices are one of the most competitive in the US.

Hear From Our Customers

The quality of instruction I received while I was at Pray Aviation was top notch. I enjoyed the value I received for the Instrument and Commercial ratings I obtained while I was there and I would recommend their services highly to anyone seeking advanced training at an accelerated rate.

Nathaniel Morris, CPL-SE / IR Graduate


I enjoyed the time at Pray. With accommodation on site, it creates a conducive learning environment and great opportunity for bonding with fellow students and CFIs.”

Goh Ling Boon, ATP Graduate


Great place to go for an accelerated rating. Top-notch staff and instructors that were willing to go above and beyond. Smooth running operation with a good fleet or aircraft and friendly mechanics to keep them going. Had a great experience and wouldn't hesitate to come back for another rating.

Luke Massey, ME Add-on



Insufficient funding should not be an impediment to your dreams, let us help you with 3rd party financing options! Private Education Loans are available for potential and current students. Please call us for more details about financing options. More information can be accessed using the links below:

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