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Enhanced and Accelerated Training

Customized Flight Training Programs.
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Our key to an enhanced, accelerated training is by formulating our own specialized training programs which ensures you meet all FAA Part 61 requirements. We focus on the necessary to get you ready for the certification while ensuring that the fundamentals of flying and safety standards are never compromised.

Pray Aviation is conveniently located at the Augusta Municipal Airport so there is practically no traveling time transitioning to and from the training area. This reduction in wasted time correlates to less time needed to get your pilot license and additional ratings. Time spent during training is put to better use going over required manoeuvres, improving student’s piloting skills, and ensuring full mastery of the subject. This is immensely advantageous for anyone who has a tight work schedule and hoping to obtain their license or ratings in a short time. Our Accelerated Flight Training program is an intense course because we know our students are just as committed as we are to succeed. We hit the ground running on Day 1 and dive right into the important things.

Pray Aviation was able to help me achieve my license in a really short amount of time. They are not kidding when they say their programme is accelerated! They have really good planning, in terms of student to instructor to aircraft ration, and this helps with the accelerated programme as in no point in time was their resources stretched too thinly such that students have to wait a long time between each flight. This also helps reduce the time we actually have to spend there, which also indirectly reduces the costs for us. The instructors there are also very friendly and able to answer any questions that I have. In short, I will definitely recommend Pray Aviation to anyone I know who wish to achieve their dreams to be a pilot.

Koo Jeng Shun
CPL-ME / IR Graduate

Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Licenses

With our training philosophy and commitment, our flight training courses are one of the fastest tracks in the industry (see our Training Timeline). As we fly 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we can get you certified as a private pilot in less than a month, and a full commercial pilot in five months or less. Since we never overbook our training slots, we proudly boast an exceptional instructor to student ratio of not more than 1:3 and the right proportion of single and multi-engine aircraft. 


Benefits of Enhanced, Accelerated Training

No more long waiting times and long drawn schedules

Reduced course fees and other related expenses

Obtain your flight ratings faster and more cost effectively while maintaining same high-quality instruction

Ground School and Written Exams

As part of our training programs, our instructors will teach all necessary ground school to ensure that you are ready for written as well as oral examinations. Pray Aviation has been certified as an Approved CATS Testing Centre. This means that students can take their exams at the same training facility which fits into the flying schedule. The Testing Centre is available to all candidates from Monday to Friday, 0900h to 1500h. For after office hours bookings, please contact us to make an appointment.

Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATPCTP)

The ATPCTP is a 7 day ground program that must be completed prior to taking the ATP written. You must complete the ATPCTP and written before taking the ATP course with us. Pray Aviation has partnered with training facilities in Florida and Texas to provide you the ATPCTP training at the lowest rate in the market. Call us to enquire now.

Training Programs

Ground School Simulator Training (Hrs) Flight Training (Hrs) Duration Price*
Initial Private Pilot Yes 2.5 47.5 4 weeks $10,795
Private Pilot Add-on Yes nil 32 2-3 weeks (depending on examiner availability) $6,995
Instrument Rating (C-172) Yes 10 31.5 2.5 weeks $8,495
Instrument Rating Add-on Yes nil 13.5 1 week $3,495
Commercial Pilot (C-172) Yes nil 7 7 days $3,295
Commercial Pilot (M-20) Yes nil 12 7 days $4,795
Initial Certified Flight Instructor Yes nil 10 2-3 weeks (depending on examiner availability) $4,295
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Add-on Yes nil 7 5 days $3,495

*Prices do not include written and checkride fees.

Ground School Simulator Training (Hrs) Flight Training (Hrs) Duration Price*
Multi-Engine Add-on NA nil 7 5 days $4,295
Commercial Pilot Yes nil 7 5 days $4,295
Airline Transport Pilot Yes nil 7 5 days $4,495
Certified Flight Instructor Multi-Engine Add-on Yes nil 7 7 days $4,495

*Prices do not include written and checkride fees.

Ground School Simulator Training (Hrs) Single-engine (Hrs) Multi-engine (Hrs) Duration Price*
Commercial Pilot Yes 12.5 240 10 5 months *call to enquire
Airline Transport Pilot Yes Unlimited
18 months *call to enquire

*Prices include accommodation, written and checkride fees.

Ground School Simulator Training (Hrs) Single-engine (Hrs) Multi-engine (Hrs) Duration Price*
RTP Yes nil 225 25 10 weeks *call for current pricing

*Prices include accommodation, written and checkride fees.

Price (Solo) Price (Dual)
C-172 / Piper PA-28 $164 $219
Mooney M-20 $209 $274
Travel Air Beechcraft 95 NA $497

Partnered Flight School

We are proud to announce that we have a partnered flight school which we are now able to offer 4 locations with maintenance facilities in each location, over 40 aircraft in the fleet, dozens of instructors, internships, and partnerships with 4 airlines. Contact us for more information.

Student Accommodation

For students from out of state, you do not need to worry about lodging issues as Pray Aviation offers accommodation and other vital facilities such as laundry and a fully equipped kitchen. We have nightly, weekly and monthly rates. For students intending to stay for a longer period, we have plenty of places and activities for you to fill your time while you are taking a break from flying. Click here to check out the student’s life in Kansas.

Sufficient, clean and convenient accommodation. Co-located just above the office, the shared spaces are regularly cleaned by a hired staff. Rooms and classrooms were pretty decent. The best thing about staying there was the convenience of the aircraft right at your doorstep!

Ivan Lua
PPL-SE / IR Graduate


Insufficient funding should not be an impediment to your dreams, let us help you with 3rd party financing options! Private Education Loans are available for potential and current students. Please call us for more details about financing options. More information can be accessed using the links below:


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