Yes! There are many ways to help prepare you for your course. If your course requires a written exam, start studying and work to complete this prior to beginning flight training, or be ready to take the exam as soon as possible. You will have plenty of other things to learn while at our facility for training, it is much easier if studying for a tough written exam is not one of them.

We will email you study guides for your course along with the Pilot Operating Handbook for the aircraft. These items are also available to download from our website under useful links. Try and commit that to memory. Other items you need to bring/complete are listed below.

  1. Airman Medical Cert
  2. Pilot/Student Pilot License
  3. Government Issued ID
  4. Passport or Birth Certificate
  5. All Logbooks
  6. Written Exam(s) (If applicable)
  7. Headset (not required if you are signed up for a flight package)