Hear what our customers have to say about Pray Aviation as well as their personal experiences after embarking on our flight training programs.

Michael McNicholl
CPL-SE / IR / CFI Graduate

I had a great experience! Justin Dyson was a great instructor! I was able to get my Instrument rating in two weeks but I wasn’t in a rush. I time built then came back and finished my Commercial in a week and Flight Instructor in a couple more. You are able to do it in the time advertised but you have to really work and be committed as is the case with all accelerated programs. The staff were helpful and accommodating, even scheduled to fly twice a day when I was ready to grind. The atmosphere of everyone solely focuses on flying which is great and perfect for learning. Everyone that was there with was willing to help others out when they had a question or didn’t understand something. The planes are good for training because all the instruments work and as far as the cosmetic parts I’ve seen worse. Weather and maintenance are two things can’t predict or control in aviation but when I was there I didn’t have too much of either.

Gary Briden Junior
CFI Graduate

Pray Aviation, is everything they advertise and more. Very professional instructors. Feel like I found a goldmine. No waiting 2+ months for a DPE. They have everything you need on site!

Joey Hunsinger
ME Add-on

Great people at Pray with a friendly and positive atmosphere. Staying on the field during training really helps make the best use of your time here. A student has all of the materials and resources necessary to succeed. The aircraft are older but impressively well maintained and mechanically sound. I did a multi-engine add on to commercial. My instructors were Justin and Stephen. They were both very professional and honest. Overall very pleased.

Ivan Lua

I recently just completed my 4 week trip at Pray between Apr – May 19. Prior to setting off, I was personally a little doubtful based on feedback shared by previous students that went in the preceding months, on issues like instructors and aircraft serviceability. Of which, I can safely say I did not experience any! During my 1 month stay there, I was scheduled everyday and completed most of what I set out to do to the best extent possible (*non-achievement goals, thanks to weather).

Instructors: 6 full time instructors. I’ve seen other students fly 10-12 hours with instructors. So you can be sure they have the instructor for you as you need it.

Aircraft: I primarily flew on the single engine. During the steady state, they have had 4 singles up, and 2 twins; there were some other aircraft not included in the numbers above engaged in some form of maintenance. Service state was generally quite good. The 4 singles were sufficient to cater for time builders and those undergoing training with instructors.

Weather: The only bummer during my trip was the weather. Which couldn’t be helped; unusual for Kansas weather for this April – may period. Which resulted in 8 days of weather out.

Accommodation: Sufficient, clean and convenient. Co-located just above the office, the shared spaces are regularly cleaned by a hired staff. Rooms and classrooms were pretty decent. The best thing about staying there was the convenience of the aircraft right at your door step!

Pricing: probably the most competitive prices out there for singles. I can’t comment yet on multi engine training because I have not embarked on it and compared prices.

Admin: admin and ops planning staff were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful!

In summary, during my stint there, I did not experience the complaints highlighted by previous students. Pray has definitely been actively ironing out issues faced by previous students! Aircraft state, instructor, pricing, admin and accommodation were good. Weather though was not ideal… out of anyone’s control. My advice to any prospective students:

  1. check with the school as to how many other students are on the same training programme as you during your desired travel period. This will determine how much resources can be allocated to you / other students you need to compete with.
  2. cater days for weather
  3. staying in the provided accommodation is really convenient.
  4. big boy concept. If you have limitations, timelines and requirements to meet, you need to actively work closely with the ops manager to make sure he is kept abreast of your progress and plans you at the rate you can manage. Don’t sit around waiting and expecting to be spoon-fed if you do not take charge of your precious time there.

Rick Trevino
ME Add-on

Great school, greet instructors, great set-up! Thanks Steve S. and team for getting me through my multi in minimal time!

Luke Massey
ME Add-on

Great place to go for an accelerated rating. Top-notch staff and instructors that were willing to go above and beyond. Smooth running operation with a good fleet or aircraft and friendly mechanics to keep them going. Had a great experience and wouldn’t hesitate to come back for another rating.

Adrian Tay Kwang Yong
CPL-ME / IR Graduate

I enjoyed my trip back at the school for my IPC and BFR. Everything was completed within a day with min hiccup. I must say the school has improved a lot on the processes since the last I visited. Good job Pray Aviation!

Goh Ling Boon
ATP Graduate

I enjoyed the time at Pray. With accommodation on site, it creates a conducive learning environment and great opportunity for bonding with fellow students and CFIs.

W.D. Meredith II
CPL-SE/IR, CFI Graduate

Very nice facilities and accommodations. My instructors Steve and Justin were extremely knowledgeable and genuinely interested in the process of my flight training. Jessica is pretty cool too. 10/10 would recommend.

Mike Low
ATP Graduate

Pray Aviation provides the flexibility to schedule the flying training and tailor to my needs and timeline. The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful in teaching and preparing me for the requirements for each check ride. The superb administrative support provided gave you more time to concentrate on flying training knowing that everything else will be well taken care of.

Wyman Lee
ATP Graduate

The staff was exceptional; instructors are committed, and the admin was really helpful. When I had some issues with my ATPCTP, Matthew and Betty took the extra mile to help me out. I liked it that everything was located onsite and absolutely enjoyed my 2 months stay at Pray. Overall a great experience and I would recommend Pray to anyone who is looking for flexibility in their flying training in a conducive environment.

Steve Strausbaugh
ATP Graduate

The staff here is great! I flew with three dedicated and thorough instructors (Dan, Steve, and Justin) who helped get me through my checkride. I can’t say enough good things about Bruce. He kept things rolling in the face of weather, aircraft and examiner availability issues. He is worth his weight in gold. I also really enjoyed working with Jess. She runs a tight ship, but always with a smile. Thanks again guys.

Karl A Jensen
CPL-SE/IR, CFI Graduate

Awesome school! I attained my Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Comm’l Pilot license, and my Certified Flight Instructor tickets here in just over a year.

Pray Aviation is a great place to learn…..absolute immersion in the training setting! Instructors are professional and knowledgeable. Justin Dyson and Stephen Steele are excellent CFIs!

The course is accelerated, but not at the cost of safety or quality. Lots of study materials and reference resources at the school house.

Aircraft are well maintained. The only unknown is the weather…..as always.

I would recommend Pray Aviation to anyone!

Koo Jeng Shun
CPL-ME / IR Graduate

Pray Aviation was able to help me achieve my license in a really short amount of time. They are not kidding when they say their programme is accelerated! They have really good planning, in terms of student to instructor to aircraft ration, and this helps with the accelerated programme as in no point in time was their resources stretched too thinly such that students have to wait a long time between each flight. This also helps reduce the time we actually have to spend there, which also indirectly reduces the costs for us. The instructors there are also very friendly and able to answer any questions that I have. In short, I will definitely recommend Pray Aviation to anyone I know who wish to achieve their dreams to be a pilot.

Nathaniel Morris
CPL-SE / IR Graduate

The quality of instruction I received while I was at Pray Aviation was top notch. I enjoyed the value I received for the Instrument and Commercial ratings I obtained while I was there and I would recommend their services highly to anyone seeking advanced training at an accelerated rate.

Wilson Kwek
CPL-ME / IR Graduate

Great facilities with onsite accommodation, dedicated instructors and awesome admin staff. Only bad is the aircraft is a little too old but they are making the effort to bring in new aircraft so things gonna get better moving forward.

Edward Glidden
CFI/CFII Graduate

Attended Pray Aviation in May to obtain my CFI and CFII certificates. I chose Pray because of convenient in-house accommodations and short term availability of scheduling. The in-house accommodations helped me focus on my studies and stay on track. CFI training is very similar wherever you go, but having the ability to be scheduled nearly every day kept training moving forward even on the days where the weather was less than ideal. CFI training is all about self-studying and preparation.

The CFIs were very professional and helped develop a teaching style that was effective and straight forward. I learned a lot about teaching and where my weak areas were. They were able to provide a spin endorsement during training as well. The aircraft were well maintained and the in-house maintenance department worked hard to maintain the aircraft should any issues arise.

The location was very efficient. Being an uncontrolled field there were very little ground delays. Kansas has lots of airports for training with many different types of approaches within short distances which allows for maximum use of training time. The DPEs the school utilizes had very good availability which meant short times for checkrides once the students are ready. They were also very fair and really wanted their applicants to be the best pilots possible and provided friendly advice.

My advice is to come as prepared as possible by completing the required written tests ahead of time and by preparing/purchasing lesson plans. The office staff were super helpful in answering my questions both before and during my time there. I highly recommend Pray if you are looking for an efficient, affordable and quick CFI program.

Joe Zhang
ATP Graduate

Pray Aviation has a good team. They are committed to ensuring that I finish within the time period that I have available. Although weather caused some delays, I did complete ATP within 2 weeks (accumulated).

Honestly, there are good people around. Dan, Sergio, Bruce, Betty, Jessica, Jim, Nat (instructors, ops, admin and logs) tried at every corner to make things happen. With the weather “following”, it’s a pretty awesome outcome.

Special thanks to Sergio and Dan whose quick thinking allowed me to complete the course.

My advice for others is to cater for more time to buffer against weather. Else, the team can overcome challenges to make sure we finish on time.

Good job folks and many thks! Safe flying and more blue skies!

Barry Tubbs Jr
PPL-SE Graduate

After 41 hours of training I have my PPL. Pray Aviation, Inc got me from zero hours to a PPL in 15 hours less than the national average. If you need to get it done, this is the place to go. Great people, very reasonable fees. Instructors care about the students.

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