RSAF pilots from Singapore looking to get their ATP license can now do so with the training expertise and experience offered by Pray Aviation.

The ATP license is the highest certification that can be achieved by a civilian pilot, and is a new requirement introduced by the FAA for pilots serving as a Pilot-in-command or Second-in-command in air carrier operations.

Starting from July 31 2014, pilots will now have to undergo a ATP certification training program (ATPCTP) in order to obtain their ATP license. This same rule applies for military pilots or former military pilots who wish to apply for a ATP license on the basis of their military pilot qualifications. The ATPCTP is an 8 day program and will be taken in another training facility which will be in Florida or Texas.

The new ATP license now require pilots serving as co-pilots on passenger and cargo airline to have at minimum 1,500 hours of flight time (750 for military pilots) and 50 hours of multi engine flight experience, along with completion of FAA approved training program.

Putting your trust in Pray Aviation

RSAF pilots will be happy to know that an ATP license is within their reach since they already possess some of the minimum requirement. And this is where Pray Aviation comes in to offer our expertise and experience to help you advance to the next step of your aviation career.

Through word of mouth and high training standards that we have set for ourselves, Pray Aviation has successfully trained numerous RSAF pilots and helped them obtain their ATP license for the past three years and running.
Pray Aviation has become the go-to flight school in the U.S. for RSAF pilots because we don’t cut corners in training, has knowledgeable and experienced flight instructors, and provide excellent customer service to our RSAF clients.

Duration of your ATP training program?

RSAF pilots complete our ATP training program in 14-21 days (not including ATPCTP), and plans are already under way to make this even more efficient so as to shorten the duration even further.

What does your training packages for RSAF cover?

Pray Aviation has 2 customized RSAF ATP packages.

ATP Freedom Package-1 is for students who are Transport and F-15 pilots and have accumulated the necessary 50 multi engine hours.

ATP Freedom Package-2 is for single-engine pilots such as F-16 who need to build their multi engine hours.

We also provide travel options whereby we will handle all flights from Singapore to Wichita to the ATPCTP training facility, accommodation and car transport.

How many hours of flying will I undergo each day?

Pray Aviation is not your typical flight school. We work until the student is complete so this means weekends and after hours, with no rest days in between.

On top of that, you also have to take into account disruptions caused by unfavorable weather conditions.

I have a busy work schedule. Can I take my ATP CTP first and come back at another time to complete my ATP checkrides?

Yes. Even though our RSAF packages are set, if a client needs a training format specialized for them we will accommodate the request.

Is the training program recognized and approved by the FAA?

Definitely yes! Hours clocked in our training program is recognized by the FAA, with the ATP certification recognized by many other countries around the world. The ATP certification arrives in the mail within approximately two months of completion of the ATP program.

Where can I find more information?

If you want to know whether you meet the minimum requirements needed to apply for an ATP license, or simply wish to learn more about our ATP program, then do not hesitate to contact us through phone, email, or by using our online form.